Tuscany Holidays: Accommodation in Chianti with pool: Villas, FarmHouse, Apartments

Where to stay in Chianti: Villas, Farmhouse, Cottage in Tuscany

Tuscany holidays. The accommodation in Chianti is usually excellent and in all price ranges. There are several options, types and features: historic homes, country homes, farmhouses, as well as traditional hotels. From the cheapest to the top of the range luxury solutions there is somthing for everyone.

If you enjoy the outdoors camping could be good for you, especially along the coast, bed and breakfasts in the cities and in the small townsare nice and cosy. The best option is to choose your accommodation outside the major centers where, for the same price, the service is better and the staff more available.

The inconvenience of having to use public transport or a car to reach the accomodation is more than compensated for by a more relaxed atmosphere. The areas of highest density accommodations are Chianti and Maremma, where you can find signs of cottages and relais every few hundred meters.

Farmhouses in Chianti.

Farmhouses in Tuscany are usually family run businesses with single beds, small or large furnished apartments, usually with restaurants serving local dishes prepared with produce from local farms. Many also offer b&b and half board solutions. The style of most accomodation is cottages with swimming pool facilities. Some, the more modern ones, are also offering services such as spas, massages, jacuzzi, sauna and spa treatments. Others, more rural, also have riding lessons and trekking tours on the side. The farmhouses in Tuscany, in terms of price, quality and hospitality, are definitely the most popular form of accommodation throughout the region.

Historic Houses in Tuscany.

The Tuscan countryside is dotted with castles, villas, and ancient monasteries, which have been restored with conservative techniques and transformed into charming (or top luxury) hotels. Give yourself at least one night in one of these historic accomodations: although prices are generally higher, you can find somthing really nice without spending a fortune.

Cottages in Chianti.

These are a type of accommodation that can have a small farm production, usually wine or oil, and services like, bicycles to rent, horse riding and other rural activities: most have a true country house atmosphere, while some are more modern and offer amenities such as pool, spas and much more.

Low budget accomodations in Tuscany.

There are many cheap hotels in Tuscany. You would expect that the cities of art, sea resorts during the summer, and village areas most visited by tourists from all over the world would be the most expensive which is generally true but they also offer cheap accommodation. The cheapest solutions are hostels (backpackers) although they are not as common or as organized as they usually are in other countries. Hostels in Tuscany are only based in the major cities, usually in outlying suburbs, sometimes the quality of service is not the best but its deffinately acceptable. Low budget travelers can also choose camping in order to save money: often, especially along the coast, reservations are not required, services are good quality and organization is almost always environmentally friendly.